Many different things, other than Maps are stored on this collaboration. They're listed below:

Items A database of current items of the MUD.
Essays A collaborative list of essays for most classes/races
Do not list any essays of any Quest Race/Class. This includes Druids.
RaceClass An informative list of all of the race/class combinations available, as well as penalties.
Races Racial information, including max stats for the Races of Aabahran.
Classes Skills for most of the classes of Aabahran.
WeaponSelection A helpful chart to determine what weapons to use against which classes.
Arena Items won from the Arena in Maelbrim.
Scripts Snippets of small scripts for Mud Clients used by players.
Consumables A list of consumables provided by F-3000.
RankingList A basic guide to ranking for goods, neutrals, and evils from levels 1-50.
MaxRolls A simple list with the max rolls for each class and race.
Experts A list of gurus which do well with specific classes.
Time Time differences between real life and in game time.
Stat Analysis A guide to how much strength and other stats affect a character.
Materials Materials that bards (and eventually other classes) may use from mining, and chopping down trees.

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